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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts on Exodus: Did the Hebrew midwives lie to Pharaoh (1:15-22)?

Two obvious answers can be given for this question. First, one could say that the Hebrew midwives completely lied to Pharaoh. In order to save human lives, the midwives had to choose what they saw as the lesser of two evils. This was to lie to Pharaoh, the "almighty" ruler of the land. The midwives lied by saying that the Hebrew women gave birth before they could arrive (Apologetics Study Bible).

A second conclusion can be gained from this question. The midwives could actually have been telling the truth. In order to save the lives of His people, God miraculously had the women give birth before any midwife could arrive.

Whatever the answer to this question may be, we know that the midwives had no intention of killing innocent babies. Verse 17 says that the midwives feared God. They knew what was evil and what was right. They knew that God wanted these babies to live. They already had their minds set to obey God.


  1. Would it have been wrong for them to lie in that case?

  2. It is always a sin to lie. Nowhere in the Bible does God condone it. However, God is not the author of evil, but good. He can cause good to happen even through our evil intentions.
    My point in this entry is that the Hebrew midwives were determined to save human lives at all costs.

  3. But - you did not answer your own question - did the midwives lie??
    The midwives state " Hebrew women gave birth befoe they arrive" .... if this is true, was there a difference in labour between Hebrew and Egyption women?? was this pre-existing, or did God cause it??