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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Problem of Evolution on College Campuses

One of the most controversial problems on college campuses today is a racist fallacy that is taught and regarded as supreme truth by most college professors. It pervades the minds of unquestioning college students, not only polluting their views and opinions, but also polluting the way they live and shape their lives. This racist fallacy has corrupted the fields of science, medicine, politics, physics, law, and even education.

This racist error, regarded as truth in colleges worldwide, is Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Darwin, in his 1859 book entitled The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, explains that all life came from a process known today as “the survival of the fittest”. This concept has never been proven to be an accurate account of life, but yet it is regarded as truth by most college professors, who dismiss any other arguments as to the world's existence. As a matter of fact, many proponents of this philosophy have a hard time explaining how this process actually works. Statistical studies conducted by mathematician Murray Eden in 1967 have shown that pure chance could not have produced the world we live in. No one has proven how man has been brought forth by chance, nor will they ever.

Charles Darwin, 1854
Since Darwin proposed his theory, other scientists have based their theories on his. For instance, Herbert Spencer, who coined the phrase “survival of the fittest”, extended Darwin's theory to all of life, including ethics. He believed that only the strong and capable should survive and flourish, and the weak and incapable should be left to die. There was no need for Spencer to extend Darwin's theory to “Social Darwinism”, but he wanted to explain life through science. He wanted to rationalize, instead of find real truth. Men like these did not want to believe that the world was created by God. They did not want to believe that He could have supreme authority over the affairs of the world. Social Darwinism is now the frame of reference for self proclaimed intellectuals to rationalize the existence of themselves and the world around them. 

These ideas had a great impact on Adolf Hitler's Nazi movement. The Nazis believed that the law of nature must take its course--that the strong will survive and the weak must die. This can be seen through the horrors of the Holocaust--the destruction of peoples the Nazis deemed weak, unclean, and undesirable. 

Social Darwinism is also being used in today's genetic engineering fields, as scientists attempt to produce a stronger generation through means of science, while holding to a position that the weak and undesirable should not be kept alive. In fact, when parents find out that their unborn child will be mentally handicapped or disabled, they are encouraged by many doctors to abort the pregnancy.

These are just a few of the many reasons that evolution should not be taught in universities as truth. It never has been truth. It has always been just a mere theory. Instead of teaching the theory of evolution as supreme truth, professors should give both sides of the argument. 

Creationists hold to the view that the universe was created by God. Instead of the universe evolving over a period of billions of years, God spoke it into existence in mere mili-seconds. Intricacy and precision took place during creation, not chaos and confusion as proposed in evolution.

Colleges and universities should insist that their professors give both sides of the argument, instead of teaching only the error of evolution. Students should have the opportunity to hear the arguments given by both sides, not the brainwashing of evolutionist professors.    

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